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Alex Proyas

Master of the Image

If there is one man who knows about cultural melting pots, its Alex Proyas. Born in Egypt in September 1963 to Greek parents, he moved to Australia when he was 3. At 17, he enrolled in the Australian Film Television and Radio School. It was there he was to meet and begin working with Jane Campion, a collaboration which would prove more than fruitful. Of his first five short films, Groping (1980) enjoyed the greatest success, both in Australia and the UK. Following these projects, he moved to Los Angeles, where he became a prolific producer of adverts and music videos, working notable for the Propaganda, a company run by David Fincher and Dominic Sena [...] Click here

Steven Seagal

Kingpin of aïkido

In 2016, our sovereign lord and master Steven Seagal has been working on no fewer than eleven movies, including the grand announcement of a sequel to Above the Law released in 1988: Above The Law 2, Nico's Revenge. The career of the colossus from Michigan has spanned nearly thirty years and his unique style has propelled him to the realms of immortal star alongside the likes of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme and Bruce Lee. A 7th dan "Shihan" master in aikido, a black belt in karate, and a naturalized Serb who dons a Russian kimono, Steven has led several different lives. In this not-to-be-missed article we tell all [...] Click here

Tom Fontana

The Great Man

Netflix and HBO are both household names, whose budgets and visual design over the past few years have at times surpassed even those of the big screen. Some shows, such as the iconic Twin Peaks, have proved so popular that they are being remade decades after they were last broadcast. Behind the overwhelming success of the television series phenomenon sits producer and visionary Tom Fontana, who wrote the very first HBO TV series, Oz, in 1997. This was far from the first TV project for Fontana, whose 80s creations St Elsewhere and Homicide: Life on the Street served as stepping stones to Oz's immense success [...] Click here

Graphic-palliative surgery

Photoshop abusive treatment

For French actress Léa Seydoux we’re stepping up the game. Cat eyes, pretty smile, cute nose, natural "French charm", and yet Léa undergoes some serious graphic-palliative surgery. On the International Day of Women poster the actress’ face is stretched to the point of deformation. Sure, you can use the shape tool but do so lightly to avoid a comical effect. You can also apply the liquefier filter, very useful for protruding area like chin, nose, or cheeks. In this particular case, the chin has been revamped to look more athletic [...] Click here