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Captain Jehovah

Joe "Jumanji" Johnston, 2011

captain america

Good ol' Captain American could have passed as a case study but its graphical treatment alone deserves a detailed analysis. I like the Captain America posters. Their comic book aspect glorifying Uncle Sam, and the timeless All American Hero. You’d think you’re in the middle of Cold War what with all the pro-Washington propaganda. Not really surprising in a way, as the cartoons first sprang from Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s sharpened pencils in December 1940 as a reaction to Nazi tyranny which the United States would move against a few years later. The message that comes across is very (or almost too) basic [...] Click here

Mad Max Fury Road

George Miller, 2015

affiche fury road

Off we go for a round of visual heat. The real movie buffs among you will have noticed just to what point the French version of the Australian Road Warrior copped a feel of another French poster, the very clever La Horde, dating back to 2009. Dahan and Roher, the cinephile duo, throws us a tomahawk drenched in savagery to a point rarely ever seen in Froggy cinema. Crude, cheap, and damn great to blow off steam, this zombie film from around here [...] Click here

Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson, 2014

The uber-talented Paul T. Anderson delivers an amazing series of posters to go with his newest gem, Inherent Vice, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by New York writer Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, starring a fantastic Joachim Phoenix. The film is set in the late 1960s and tells the funny story of a drug-addict P.I. who is enlisted to help his ex girlfriend kidnap her new lover, who also happens to be a billionnaire. If you know Paul’s style you know that the suspense comes from having a passel of characters swim upstream. His imagery reflects that, and here is why [...] Click here

Black Mountain Side

Nick Szostakiwskyj, 2016

Thankfully, the title of the film is easier to pronounce than the name of its director. Nick Szostakiwskyj (we'll call him Nick for short) hails from Vancouver in Canada, a country which is not short of film-making talent. Some of his best known compatriots include David Cronenberg, Paul Haggis, Denis Villeneuve, Atom Egoyan, Trevor Cornish, James Cameron, Jean-Marc Vallée, and Montreal-based group Roadkill Superstar. The country owes its dynamic film industry to a combination of factors [...] Click here

The Pyramid

Grégory Levasseur, 2015

Greg, Alex and Franck are buddies. Alexandre « Arcady » Aja, Franck Khalfoun, and Grégory Levasseur. The three of them are also fans of gore and belong to the species rarely found in France of those venturing into that filmographic territory, first with their 2003 Haute Tension. Since then, the three friends have left for the States and pursue their adventures together there; 2ème sous-sol. Piranha 3D, Maniac, Mirrors... Taking turns, they direct, write, or produce each other’s films. For Pyramid, Alex puts up the dough and Greg operates the camera. Franck sinks his teeth somewhere between Kheops and Gizeh [...] Click here